Poverty, Inc., Film Screening Nov 6, 7 in Lexington and Wilmington


As part of Grace Chapel’s Global Awareness Week, we have the chance to view “Poverty Inc.” There is a Wilmington and Lexington viewing (details below). As we serve others, we need to make sure our efforts do not hurt those we serve but truly help them. This is the message behind the movie. Hope to see you there!

The movie is appropriate for everyone ages Middle School and up.

Details are below.

Film screening: Poverty, Inc. Drawing from over 200 interviews filmed in 20 countries, Poverty, Inc. unearths an uncomfortable side of charity we can no longer ignore. From TOMs Shoes to international adoptions, from solar panels to U.S. agricultural subsidies, the film challenges each of us to ask the tough question: “Could I be part of the problem?”
Friday November 6, 7:30pm, Lexington Sanctuary
Saturday November 7, 4:00pm, Wilmington Campus