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August 4. 2015

Hello Fellow Ezer-Warriors – May we all fall into God’s rhythm this day. I could not be more excited to reach out to you. First, a huge THANK YOU to our Gathering for Hope (GFH) Leadership Team: Angie, Heather, Naomi, Joan, Christy, Kaori and Rachel for your leadership of and commitment to GFH this past year. God used your energies and gifts to generate lasting fruit!

I am very excited to share about the NEW PATH GFH is taking. This new phase for GFH, based on feedback from you and our leadership team, will enable people at Grace Chapel and their friends, as well as area churches, to go deeper with social justice issues and opportunities and allow us to reach a wider audience with high-quality, engaging speakers. WE NEED YOU to walk with us.

WHEN and WHAT? Beginning this September, GFH will serve as a social justice resource/liaison for Grace Chapel campuses/ministry groups (i.e. Joy Bible Study, SALTZ, Life Community Groups, etc.) and area churches. Social justice connections with and investments by Grace Chapel ministry groups occurred organically during our first five years. We will now do this with greater intention.

HOW? We will partner with Grace Chapel ministry groups/campuses and area churches by bringing in speakers to cover a topic of choice, with two goals in mind: 1. Providing speakers with an established audience base for greater engagement and knowledge sharing, and 2. Identifying practical next steps enabling those in attendance to act on their newfound knowledge and/or make an investment in the cause. GFH will extend its reach and Grace Chapel/area churches will enable more women and men to step out and bring about positive change.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? We are seeking women and men to serve as GFH contacts for their respective ministries. For example, we currently have individuals connected with Joy, Mom to Mom and SALTZ . We want to reach out to all Grace Chapel ministries and campuses and area churches. If you or someone you know wants to bring social justice awareness and resulting opportunities for positive change to a ministry group or church, please contact us at

The original vision for GFH came from God to a group of 8 women meeting in the Grace Chapel library in October of 2010. This new vision came from God to 6 women meeting in that same place this past May, five years later. God is up to something powerful and we hope you will continue to walk with us and actively be part of GFH’s NEXT CHAPTER.

**NOTE: WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS, but plan to gather as a community from time to time. Check our Facebook page and website on a regular basis for information and events. Email us if you want information posted on our Facebook page or are seeking further information. If you want to attend regular GFH meetings, you are invited to attend GFH North Shore in Hamilton, MA.**
Going deeper and reaching wider to fight oppression and injustice in the lives of others,
Brooke Sulahian, GFH Founder
2015-2016 GFH Leadership Team: Angie Weyler, Heather Behrens, Naomi Heghinian, Joan McCalmont, Kaori Emery, and Rachel Nelson

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