Gender and Justice: Nov 3-4 at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston College


Tues evening, Nov 3rd Mimi Haddad will address the greater Boston CBE chapter at Boston College, 7-9pm. Her lecture will consider: “Gender and Justice: What Christians Often Overlook.” Throughout the history, religion & philosophy are deemed groups of humanity as inferior to others based solely on their gender or ethnicity. This lecture will consider the challenge to human devaluation whereby women have been routinely marginalized and made vulnerable to abuse. The lecture room is still undetermined but either I or Bonnie Gatchell will have information soon.

Wed, Nov 4th Mimi Haddad will speak twice at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.
• 11 am, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Chapel: “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner: Outcasts, Dogs and Prostitutes.” Throughout Scripture, one cannot predict who will assume positions of leadership within God’s Covenant People. From Ruth, to Rahab, to the Egyptian Midwives in the Old Testament, to the Outcasts and Outliers in the New Testament. The members and leaders of God’s Covenant people defy cultural expectations.
• Noon Lunch Forum: “Our Evangelical Heritage: When the Radicals were Theological Conservatives” The social and biblical reform of the early evangelicals was sweeping in its theological and social impact. We have them to thank for abolition and suffrage momentum. How their legacy might nourish our thinking today on serving the suffering globally.

Mimi Haddad
122 W Franklin Ave, Suite 218
Minneapolis, MN 55404-2451