Kalangala, Uganda

Kalangala, Uganda

Mission Statement

To unlock the potential of the people of Kalangala island to build and sustain healthy communities victoriously

Who are we?

We are women who feel what the suffering and oppressed feel and and gather together to find ways of changing the situation that keep women and girls behind and suffering. We united by the need to eradicate oppression and injustices hence accepting women of faith, cultures etc though we need to make it clear that we are Christians who welcome others and work with them. Oppression knows no faith, gender, culture or age.

What do we do?

We currently organize meetings. We are preparing to hold a conference next year and opening a school for the oppressed islanders.

What is our goal?

Our primary goal is to see that oppression is no more and justice is prevailing to every body regardless of the gender, faith, education, economic status, color or tribe.
We are also planning to open up a primary school that will teach Human Rights and Peace as a subject for the kids to grow embracing Human Rights and Peace.

When and where do we meet?

We meet at Kagulube Village where we plan to open the school. Every last Sunday of the month at 4:00 pm. The gathering lasts for 1 hr.