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Gang Rape Of Two Teens Leads To An Unusual Step — A Trial

At the northern border of Somalia and Ethiopia, a group of teenage boys forced two girls — aged 14 and 16 — into a car, drove them to another location, stripped them and raped them. The incident occurred on December 6. This weekend, a community court charged the perpetrators with thousands of dollars in fines, as well as up to 200 lashes and 10 years in jail. That's an unexpected outcome in a country where the perpetrators of rape often pay a

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Lazarus at the Gate Workshop – Sat. Nov 14 in Hamilton

For those interested in a mini version of the compelling Lazarus at the Gate program to encourage living simply in order to give generously, there will be a workshop this Saturday, November 14th, from 9 am-lunch, at the First Congregational Church of Hamilton. Contact Tricia Johnson for more info:

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Gender and Justice: Nov 3-4 at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston College

Tues evening, Nov 3rd Mimi Haddad will address the greater Boston CBE chapter at Boston College, 7-9pm. Her lecture will consider: “Gender and Justice: What Christians Often Overlook.” Throughout the history, religion & philosophy are deemed groups of humanity as inferior to others based solely on their gender or ethnicity. This lecture will consider the challenge to human devaluation whereby women have been routinely marginalized and made vulnerable

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Poverty, Inc., Film Screening Nov 6, 7 in Lexington and Wilmington

As part of Grace Chapel's Global Awareness Week, we have the chance to view "Poverty Inc." There is a Wilmington and Lexington viewing (details below). As we serve others, we need to make sure our efforts do not hurt those we serve but truly help them. This is the message behind the movie. Hope to see you there! The movie is appropriate for everyone ages Middle School and up. Details are below. Film screening: Poverty, Inc. Drawing from over 200

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Exciting, challenging, empowering, heartbreaking, awe-inspiring, exhausting, uplifting and joyous. This is how I describe the adventure of running Hope for Our Sisters, Inc. (HFOS), our “For-Purpose” (i.e. non-profit) organization. What a journey it has been. Through God’s provision for and guidance through HFOS, I have been compelled to do things I never dreamed I would do…start a For-Purpose organization, travel to Africa, speak with friends,

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PEER Servants’ Fundraising Celebration – Sep 26 in Burlington

24th Anniversary Fundraising Celebration When: Saturday, September 26, 5:00 - 8:30 pm Where: Mount Hope Christian Center's Family Life Center, 3 McGinnis Drive, Burlington, MA What: Inspiring stories of how God is working in and through PEER Servants' global partner network, fantastic international cuisine, creative ways to invest financially in extending the kingdom to the materially poor, and kingdom fellowship await you at our 24th Anniversary

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A Tale of Two Surgeries

Lourdes * (pictured below) is DRY! A wonderful outcome for this precious sister of ours. It brings me great joy to hear of the healing of these beautiful women and girls and to then share this amazing news with YOU. After being in labor for three days and delivering a stillborn baby, Lourdes discovered that she had a double fistula with a fistula, or hole, in her bladder as well as her rectal wall. Now healed after fistula surgery at CEML, a partner

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Even in Hawaii

Such a beautiful place! Hawaii was the location for our family’s celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We had a fabulous time! I never thought I would place my feet on Hawaiian soil, but due to my parents’ generosity, all 14 of us (my parents, siblings and their families and my family) did! One evening, Tim, my husband, and I went into Lahaina. We stopped in a gallery to check out some amazing wood-based creations. As I made

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Discovering Freckles

Life keeps us moving. Life keeps us hopping. Days can pass and we are left wondering how we spent our time. This morning I had a sweet moment with our son, Peter. He will be 9 in two weeks. The time since he was born has flown. He has grown into a special young man with a love of all things Lego and dinosaur, a desire to create, a longing to understand how things work, and a very tender heart. This morning we had special family breakfast at Coffee,

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A broken shoe? Really? Today was my day to chill, rest, write, read…just “be”. I call it Sabbath Simplicity and I set time aside every week for it. As I headed out of the house to walk the kids to school and stroll to Coffee, Tea & Me (a favorite hangout), I knew my shoe was broken, but who has time to fix a shoe when you need to get kids to school? I figured I could deal with it. I was wrong. I could not deal. I really wanted to get to my

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