Why join the Gathering for Hope movement?  Why serve those living under oppression and injustice?

Below are quotes from GFH members as to why they joined GFH:

“Initially, I joined after hearing Brooke talk at Faithlift and came out of the deep compassion I felt upon hearing about fistula. I have always had a tender heart when hearing stories of the marginalized, impoverished and oppressed people of the world, but never thought of myself as being able to actually do anything significant about it.  GFH provides a means for getting informed about social justice issues, but also the encouragement and support of other like-minded sisters in Christ to step out in faith to do bold things for God’s Kingdom.”

“I began attending GFH meetings so that I could learn more about women’s and children’s issues, and how I can make a difference in the lives of oppressed people.”

“I came at first because I was deeply moved and grieved to hear of the suffering of women with fistula as well as blown away by my ignorance. I sat in disbelief and felt my body drain and recoil as I heard your poem so poignantly describing it at Faithlift.  When I was invited to find out more about GFH I knew that I had to be there. God was personally saying to me, “Are you awake, do I have your attention now? See what grieves Me, see what’s going on, open your eyes and see beyond your own little world.” I felt that I couldn’t dismiss what I felt God was stirring in me, although I didn’t know and still don’t know the exact direction in which He wants me to move. But without a doubt I know He wants me to MOVE. Each time I’ve been at a gathering I’ve learned so much from each speaker and the sharing around the room. I’ve read books that have brought to light things that I could never have imagined. But knowing how much God aches for each and every injustice done in our world to His image bearers has made me want to seek what my small part could be in making a difference as I serve and follow Him in love, faith and obedience. And for the very first time I realize that God not only WANTS me to make a difference but that I CAN. He calls me to go beyond just seeing and feeling to action. As James says, if I just listen to the Word and don’t DO what it says I am just being deceived. Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by ACTION, is dead.”

“At first I attended to support a friend, but it very quickly became more personal and more urgent for me. As the mother of 2 girls, I often feel helpless hearing the stories of female oppression and abuse around the world but also called to learn more about the global situation for women and children, and to listen for God’s whisper to help in some small way.”

“The first meeting I attended Carolyn James was the speaker. I could hardly contain myself as was reminded that I am God’s image bearer to a hurting world, and my eyes were opened to the fact that I am an ezer-warrior!  Wow, ever since then God has had my full, undivided attention and has ignited a fire in me to be a voice for the voiceless.  I went home and immediately devoured Half the Church followed by Half the Sky. As a result, I can truly say my life will never be the same.  I now know that not only am I capable of doing more for God (after all I’m an ezer!) but that is what God expects of me as His image-bearer. “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” – those words have taken on new meaning for me. God wants His sons and daughters to be the agents of His love and light in a dark world. I don’t think He is at all pleased when His children are so inwardly focused and preoccupied with their own lives. We are so blessed spiritually and materially not to hoard those blessings for ourselves, but to share those spiritual and material gifts with others for His glory and His Kingdom.  I thank God for bringing me to GFH and for awakening me to His call.”

“I felt led to make a difference in the world after hearing a couple sermons from guest speakers at Grace Chapel about slavery.  The first message was about orphans in third-world countries being coerced into slavery for protection. The other was about human trafficking. Both of these sermons moved me to tears in the sanctuary, and that is not a common occurrence for me. The first sermon led me to work with children because I had a feeling that although I can’t help all of the children in the world, I can at least be a good example and loving influence to some. It also inspired me to start sponsoring a child. The second sermon led me to become more educated about modern day slavery and human trafficking through lectures, books, and Gathering for Hope.”

“My daughters are definitely the motivation in my world; knowing they’ll be growing up in a broken world but wanting to show them we can make a difference means everything to me. When we sponsor a child as a family, or buy gifts that encourage microfinance, they see that there are many ways to help, and hopefully it will motivate them to action in their own ways. I believe the legacy we leave to our own children will be a major factor in how we fight oppression in the coming years.”