About Us

About Us


Gathering for Hope Movement

Over the first year of Gathering for Hope’s (GFH) existence, God provided many affirmations that GFH was a movement for Him and His daughters around the world. When God placed this ministry in my hands (it has been His doing all along), He was clear that I could do a little on my own, but that if I were patient and waited for Him to send along others for this journey, our combined impact could be world-changing.

Sharing a common name can unite, identify, and empower a movement. If we all fight injustice and oppression under our own names, then that is just what it is…many different churches and groups doing their own thing in serving God. God is calling us to a movement that is greater than ourselves. What an honor for all of us to serve alongside each other!

The beauty of this movement is that, as the leader of your local GFH, you would lead your group. My role, as the GFH Founder, would be to support you in your role by encouraging all leaders and connecting the groups as needed/desired for the greatest impact for those we are serving. It is my hope that we will all encourage one another as we walk our unique God-created paths.

When you open your eyes to the oppression and injustice in the world, the numbers can seem staggering and the issues can seem countless. You may feel unable to make a difference. However, I believe that if you ask God and are willing to follow Him, He will show you your path, encourage you along the way, and bring others alongside you so you can walk together. You must first be open to seeing and receiving your calling from Him.

Brooke Sulahian, Founder